Question 1: Where is Soloking Guitars made?

Soloking Guitars are built and manufactured in China by one of the best and biggest Guitar Factory in Huizhou.

Question 2: What Kind of Wood Timbers do Soloking Guitars use?

We use different kind of woods, but mostly American Alder and Ash and for MS-1 and MT-1 and other bolt on models, with Oukume wood for certain Modern or Deluxe T models.

For Set Neck models, mostly we use Mahogany / African Mahogany and Russian Pine Wood for Thinline models with Natural finish.

All of the timbers are sourced from quality wood suppliers.

Also, for neck materials we always use the best wood grain with choices from Canadian Hard Maple (plain or roasted), One Piece Enginereed Micarta Rosewood and One Piece Flamed / Figured Maple.

The Fretboard is mostly Rosewood or Ebony or Roasted Maple.

Question 3: Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we can ship all over the world with restriction to certain countries.

We ship to USA / Australia / Most European and Asian Countries.

Just contact us by whatsapp or by email to make sure that we ship to your country.

Question 4: Do you accept custom build or custom order?

No, unfortunately currently we do not accept custom order or custom build guitars, and the reason is to keep up with our vision of providing affordable guitars with value over price.

So definitely we have to design and build guitars with minimum quantity in mind to keep the cost low and affordable to our customers.

Question 5: Do you accept returns or refunds?

No, we do not accept returns and refunds. All sales are FINAL.

If you need any details or any information about a particular instrument that you are interested in, please kindly ask us prior to making purchase and we will be happy to assist.
Although our instruments are affordable for most people, but we understand that purchasing an instrument online (especially for overseas customers) is best if we can have a conversation first before placing an order.

Question 6: Are the pictures in the listing taken from the actual instrument? Will I get the exact guitar or bass as shown in the picture?

The pictures as stock pictures, meaning you might get a different grain of woods or figured tops than the one in the listing picture.

IF you want to see the actual guitar that we have in stock, or a quick video of the instrument in stock, please kindly send us a Whatsapp Message to +62818801520.

Question 7: What is the difference between MS-1 Classic and MS-11 Classic?

The only difference is you will ALWAYS get a natural headstock on MS-11 Classic but there are some MS-1 Classic with matching painted headstock.

Question 8: Why are there some minor differences between the spec sheet on the listing and the actual instrument I received?

Please note that we are always and constantly doing upgrades on every batches, meaning sometimes there will be a minor change. And if we think it's better and got a positive feedback from our users and players, we will make it permanent in the future release.

Disclaimer: In order to continually improve the design, quality and performance of our products and instruments and to make use of the best materials at all times, we reserves the right to change specifications without notice.